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Information on database This information has been taken from the first two volumes of the "Abstract Index to Deeds" for Georgetown, Ontario. All names appearing on the page were indexed, including those holding mortgages. In some cases, names of organizations have been abbreviated to fit the original database fields. No work has yet been done to reconcile different variations on names, so some people appear multiple times with variants of First Name and middle initial/name.

The pages of the Abstract Indexes to Deeds cover varying periods of time. Most cover the time from the creation of the lots (all indexed surveys were created before 1875) to a minimum of 1875. Some extend barely beyond this time; others go to the late 1950s when the microfilm was created. The difference is simply a question of the activity relating to the lot.

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Microfilm of the"Abstract Index to Deeds" for Georgetown, Ontario is available for searching at the Georgetown branch of the Halton Hills Public Library, the Ontario Archives, Milton Land Registry Office (905-878-7287),  and through the Inter-Library Loan of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).