Indexes to Census
Halton County
1842 - 1901


Nineteenth century census takers have left us a magnificent series of documents, containing a wide variety of information about the residents of this country. Unfortunately, their work was not undertaken with the needs of local historians and genealogists in mind. Researchers have spent hours combing the microfilmed census looking for specific people. this index is an attempt to speed their work.

Our indexes are the product of the work of a lot of people. These have included volunteers like Marshall Neilson, Elaine Robinson Bertrand, and Eric Blaney. Other work has been done by George Gidman working on a Summer Canada grant (1985), Janet Ramsay and Susan Jackson working on a Careers 86 grant, and Stacey Hunter working on a SEED 93 grant, all from the Employment Development Branch of Employment Development Branch of Employment and Immigration Canada. Proofreading was done by all of the above, as well as Walter Lewis and Geoffrey Cannon, who supervised the project. The final index was produced using dBASE III+ ,  later FoxPro 2.6. and most recently Microsoft Access.